Scribble Therapy

20 year old art student. This is a blog where I post some of my drawings. If you want to send asks, please head to my main blog. Thank you!

Main Blog

messing around after the update. the tip of my pencil is starting to wear down i wish i could buy replacements already /__\

hi new followers! thank you so much and i hope you enjoy your stay!

one more guy from my digisketch book

this guuuuuuy

p standard but he was still fun to draw :v

drastically changes character design after each campaign

a few drawings i had meant to upload but didnt, whoops!

trying to draw with this months art snacks supplies. they’re right up my alley! my art block is pretty strong though

some drawings from last night. school’s about to start soon /__\

hopes for rwby season two: pyrrha literally lets her hair down

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